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I have an embarrassing confession to make.  I have thousands of professional portraits of my 5-year-old daughter and our family from the past 6 years that are just sitting on my computer in digital purgatory.  And more than half of them were taken by other professional photographers.  This accounts for a significant investment in session fees and digital files that I never got around to doing anything with because…time….life…kid…work.  You name it, I have used it as an excuse.  You see, when photographers hire other photographers, we usually just want the digital files from our session because, well, we’re photographers and we have our own access to professional photo labs. 

But that doesn’t mean that making decisions on what to do with our own family’s portraits comes easier to us.  Just like our clients, photographers also struggle with choosing what photos to print from our session, what type of print (wood, traditional print, canvas, etc), size, and any number of other decisions that go into actually getting some art (eg. finished products) made from our digital files.  Sounds like a lot of work and a wine-worthy headache, right?  That’s because it is! 

Photographers are at a huge disadvantage because we usually take on ALL of the decision-making and ordering workload ourselves after our own family sessions are completed.  But our clients don’t have to.  That’s why full service photographers like myself are focused on getting clients from booking all the way through to the finished products that can be showcased and enjoyed in their home.  Stopping short at simply handing over the digital files puts all of the onus on the client to make all of those tough decisions alone like what to print, where to print, what size, what kind of product, etc. and then hopefully make it to placing an order, and, finally, to displaying/hanging the art.  Why not let your photographer do all of the hard work for you?  We can help you make decisions on photo selections, offer recommendations for how to best display them in your home, even show you what certain photos would look like on your walls, and then place the order(s) for you.

If need be, I’ll even come hang wall prints on my clients’ walls just so that the prints don’t end up sitting on the floor leaned up against a wall forever waiting to be hung.  Anything to make the entire portrait taking, making, and showcasing process as easy and as stress-free as possible.  Sound like something you would be interested in for YOUR family’s portraits?  LEARN MORE ABOUT MY UPCOMING LIMITED EDITION FALL MINI-SESSIONS.  Next up is Mitch Park in Edmond this weekend (Saturday, Oct. 27), followed by Will Rogers Park (Saturday, Nov. 3), Christmas tree farm in Edmond (Sunday, Nov. 4), Martin Nature Park (Saturday, Nov. 10), and Christmas tree farm in Edmond (Sunday, Nov. 11).

P.S. The photo below was a favorite of mine from two years ago (self-taken with a tripod and remote), and all I ended up doing with it was put it on our Christmas cards that year.  It would have looked AWESOME as a big wall print above our fireplace, but now we’re 2 years later and about to take new Fall portraits.  (sigh)  The struggle is real.


About the Author:
I am an Oklahoma-based wedding and portrait photographer with a raging sweet tooth. ;)

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