"I can freeze time...what's YOUR superpower?"

I saw that on a t-shirt once, and although it's meant to be cheeky photographer jest, it is a perfect description of what portrait and event photographers do...we freeze time.  Whether we're creating seasonal family portraits or documenting a major life event like a wedding or birth, photography gives us the power to preserve specific moments in time that will never repeat and that remind us of how we and/or our loved ones use to be or look, what occurred, or even how we felt in those moments. They become our history.  

With that said, how cool is MY job?  🙂 

The short answer is, "VERY COOL."  And I love it.  From weddings and events to various types of portrait sessions, if you have a photography need, tell me about it!  If it's not in my wheel-house or I'm not available, I'm happy to recommend other photographers who would be a better fit.  I hope you'll take some time to check out my website and galleries and visit my contact page to let me know more about your particular photography need.

Headshot by BRC Photography

Headshot by Benita Cloward